Breast Augmentation

Breast size is genetically predetermined; the breasts may fluctuate in size in response to changes in weight, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The ageing process causes the shape of the breast to change so that they gradually droop (called ptosis). This effect is greater following pregnancy, breast feeding and in particular after a large weight loss. Most women have breasts of slightly different sizes, but occasionally a very marked difference may develop.

The Operation

Breasts can be made larger by placing an implant either under the breast tissue or behind the muscle on which the breast lies. Implants are usually inserted through incisions in the inframammary fold. Alternatively, the incisions may be made around the areola or in the armpit.A breast implant is made of an outer layer of silicone, but may be filled with silicone gel, salt water or soya bean oil. Some implants are round and others are shaped more like a natural breast. Either can give excellent results. Most manufacturer’s life expectancy of breast implants is 10 years, although implants can stay in without problems for a much longer time but it is advisable to have your breasts checked by your surgeon, at this stage.

What are the risks?

Leakage of silicone can occur either as a slow seepage or as a result of rupture of the implant. The silicone is almost always contained within the fibrous capsule which the body forms around the implant. Silicone leakage has never conclusively been linked to serious health problems.

The capsule which the body normally forms around the implant can become thickened and contracted. The newer designs of implants have features to reduce the likelihood of this happening. This occurs to some extent in around 10% of patients and usually starts six or more months after surgery. This can lead to pain, and/or an abnormally hard feel to the implant in the breast. Treatment may be needed and occasionally the implant will have to be removed.

Breast augmentation does not usually interfere in breast feeding and there is no evidence that any silicone is found in breast milk. The presence of breast implants does interfere in mammography, which is an X-ray screening method for breast cancer. Special X-ray views can be taken to minimise this interference. Soya filled implant do not interfere to such an extent, but this type of implant is not suitable for all patients.

Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL)is a condition that is associated with breast implant surgery.  It is extremely rare and we do not yet know the true incidence of it, but current feeling is that there are just over 300 cases worldwide out of several million implants.  You should discuss this with your surgeon as this information changes regularly.  It may be associated with textured implants but in Mr Baguley’s experience over carrying out over 3000 breast augmentations, there is a zero incidence of ALCL.

ARNICA tablets will reduce swelling. They may be bought from a CHEMIST. These should be started a few days before surgery and continued for several days afterwards.

The sutures you have may not all be dissolving and may need removing.  This will be at your two week appointment

You must keep your dressing as dry as possible until your follow up appointment.

Swelling and bruising may be severe.

You should have been measured for bra size preoperatively. Although it is difficult to be precise about your size after surgery, you should have an indication of the size of the support bra you will need. As a general rule expect to keep your chest measurement (36, 38 etc) but you should increase your cup size. Immediately after surgery there will occasionally be dramatic swelling, which means you may be alarmed that your breasts appear too large.  Swelling will decrease over the next 6 – 12 months.

Please bear in mind that we will endeavor to give you the breast enlargement you desire, but it may be that your skin would not stretch to accept a larger implant. This will have been discussed with you at your initial consultation and in your preoperative discussion on the day of surgery. The operation we have performed is to ensure a SAFE and NATURAL result.

At your follow up appointment you will be given advice regarding scar massage.

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